Some of our past projects include:

Oklahoma City Dodgers – Bricktown Ballpark (Oklahoma City, OK) – Fall 2018

Boekholder & Associates provided field design and quality control services for a completely new playing surface at Bricktown Ballpark, home of the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers. In conjunction with the City of Oklahoma City, the entire playing field was replaced including new drainage and irrigation systems, new rootzone, infield mix and warning track materials.

Specific design features requested on this project were increased drainage capabilities in front of each dugout to eliminate dugout and clubhouse flooding issues that had plagued the facility since original construction. The field was also designed with a manifold-type HDPE piped irrigation system, locating all irrigation valves in an existing storage room in right field. This allows for easy access to all irrigation control valves at any time without having to access buried valve locations.

Delcastle High School Soccer Field (Wilmington, DE) – Summer 2014

This 320′ x 205′ modified native-soil playing field was completed in the summer of 2014. It consists of a 6″ native soil cap, modified with USGA specified sand and organic compost. The field features 2″ under-drains on 12′ spacing (upgraded to cover the entire surface in 2017), an automated irrigation system and a sodded bermuda grass surface.

We provided the entire field design package including lines and grades, drainage and irrigation system designs, as well as the construction specifications and project quality control.

The Baldwin School Lower Field (Bryn Mawr, PA) – Summer 2009

The Lower Field at The Baldwin School was originally constructed in the summer of 2009 at the conclusion of construction of the new Athletics Center facility. Consisting of an imported 6″ sandy-loam topsoil cap, full under-drainage system, automated irrigation system and HGT Kentucky bluegrass sod, it provides a high-quality playing surface for the schools soccer, field hockey and lacrosse teams.

Boekholder & Associates provided the original field design plan and specifications including lines and grades, drainage and irrigation systems. We have also provided ongoing maintenance consulting on the field since completion of construction.